Table of Contents

    1. Goals of This Course

    1. What Is A Guest Directory?

    2. Let's Dive Into A Possible Scenario

    3. The Best In-Room Marketing Piece For Your Hotel

    4. Added Value of A Guest Directory

    1. Different Content According to Your Guest Persona

    2. Must-Have Content in A Guest Directory

    3. How To Build Your Own Guest Directory

    4. Tips and Creative Ideas

    5. Download: Tips and Creative Ideas

    1. Switch to A Digital Guest Directory

    2. Set Your Goals for Digitizing

    3. Determine If In-Room Technology Is the Right Fit

    4. Choose The Right Solution

    5. Deep Dive: Switch to A Digital Guest Directory

    1. Enhanced Communication

    2. Upselling

    3. Brand Awareness

    4. Automation & Cost Reduction

    5. Must-Have Content In A Digital Guest Directory

    6. Tips & Creative Ideas

    7. Download: Tips & Creative Ideas

    8. Deep Dive: The Digital Guest Directory

    1. Congratulations!

    2. Quiz: All About The Hotel Guest Directory

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